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I am a young digital entrepreneur with my laser focus on Africa and digital education. I have a strong passion for growing businesses and people.

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The Real Taslim

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Personal Details

Taslim OKUNOLAclose

Age 20
Gender Male
Expertise Pay Per Click Advertising
Digital Education
Business Development
Market Knowledge Nigeria
South Africa

"To live a life that impacts others and inspire them to achieve more!"

On 7th November 2015, I drafted my mission statement. It reflects the purpose of my existence and the reason I embark on any life journey. I want my life to impact people, change the way they live and the way they dream. I want people who know me to dream big because it is possible to achieve anything when you dream it and do it. I also want to inspire people never to stop achieving. The sky is surely the starting point.

I am a young digital entrepreneur with a laser focus on digital education in Africa. I interned at Google as an Industry Analyst where I helped Google's biggest advertisers in Nigeria develop stellar digital strategies to build strong businesses and brands. My experience at Google helped me to understand the African market better and how to approach issues facing the market.

I have a huge passion for growing businesses and figure that the only way to do that at scale is to teach people how to do it. This passion is one of the many reasons I am building a digital education startup for Africa. ByteMars identifies smart people that are passionate about digital, train them from ground up and make them accessible to companies. ByteMars is my way of charging and helping Africans to step up to grow Africa.

What do you have when you mix a workaholic with a comedian? Taslim!

I work a lot but have fun along the way. An ideal work for me is one that allows me to have all the fun while hitting the targets and exceeding expectations. I can come by as a joker sometimes but wait for the result of whatever I am doing before you judge me. I have a funny first impression, but that won't last when you see what I can do. I listen carefully and act accordingly. Standing on the shoulders of great people has been my best sport. Having a couple of mentors makes me learn widely about the various concepts of life therein

My Work

Making the world a better place

Everyday, I strive to make good use of my skills in various ways that they could be useful. I have been lucky enough to work with organizations that share the same values I believe in. Take a look at the official part of my life.


My Core Values

On the 7th day of November 2015, I drafted six values, and have been living by them. Well, I can say that the core values I self-defined have been part of me even before I drafted them.

A popular adage says, “Action speaks louder than words.”
I express myself with action because I believe that it is easier than explanation.

Confidence is needed to overcome unimaginable obstacles. I try my best to be very confident in any case I find myself. As much as I stay confident in myself, I try not to be overconfident.

Ethics is the bedrock of a safe business environment. I stay ethical in everything I do. I don’t involve in illegitimacy and I always endeavor to follow the terms attached to a business strictly even when no one is watching.

Integrity is key. It encompasses honesty, accountability and some other awesome values. I live my everyday life by the rules of integrity which help me make better choices and decisions.

I believe transparency enhances truthfulness. This is why I am very open-minded about everything I do. I also believe that the knowledge that is shared have greater impact in our world.

I just want to be AWESOME!

Peace Itimi

"Taslim is an epitome of Passion, Excellence and Hard work. He is one of the few people I know who is always dedicated to exceeding expectations. Taslim, as far as I know believes your best achievement should be your next and he lives this.
Taslim is a team player, a leader and an excellent, very excellent PPC expert. I would endorse and recommend Taslim for any Digital Marketing role anytime, any day."

Joshua Josh

“I recommend Taslim on any work he is applying for, I work with Taslim on different project from Digital Marketing to Event management and Technology Building and he has always prove himself by standing out , I can say he is a team player and shows great leadership qualities. He is the best man for any Job”


"Taslim seems to be an amazing guy :)"

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